-- the OpenRecord project ended in 2008, and this old website is here just for the historical record

Original Elevator Pitch, circa 2005

In the 1980s and 1990s there were a few types of desktop apps that had enormous markets:

Today software developers are taking those desktop apps and reinventing them as web-based collaboration tools. So far, developers have focused on the word processor feature set, resulting in wikis and Content Management Systems (CMSs).

The market is still pretty much wide open for general-purpose web-based collaborative spreadsheet and database software:

OpenRecord is a product spec for a web-based collaborative database tool. OpenRecord could grow to incorporate simple spreadsheet features, as well as interactive charting and graphing features, and OLAP and pivot table features.

The OpenRecord design is inspired by wiki software and sites like Wikipedia, as well as CMSs like Zope/Plone and eZ publish. The OpenRecord design also draws on ideas from outliners like Lotus Agenda and OmniOutliner, spreadsheets like Lotus Improv, and newer work like Chandler and RDF.

Trends and Drivers

Technical Specification

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