-- the OpenRecord project ended in 2008, and this old website is here just for the historical record

Developer Links

Mailing lists

We have an OpenRecord mailing list, where people can ask questions and make suggestions. Anyone can subscribe to the list. You can also just browse through the archives of past messages.

For people working on OpenRecord, or just interested in following the nitty-gritty details, we have another list:

We also have a third mailing list for automatically generated messages that are sent by the Subversion repository when developers make changes to the source code, although our new repository is not set up to actually send such messages yet.

Source code: browsing

All of the OpenRecord source code is publicly available on the web. You can use your web browser to look at the code.

Source code: downloading

You should be able to download the OpenRecord source code using any Subversion client. You can download the source code via anonymous SVN, without needing a developer account.

To-Do Lists for OpenRecord Redux (2008)

As of late-2008, we're keeping the to-do list and change log as documents that are available from within a running OpenRecord website. You can also view the raw html file online here:

To-Do Lists for OpenRecord Classic (2006-2007)

We used to use an OpenRecord data file to keep track of pending bugs and tasks. If you download the OpenRecord code using SVN, you can open the task_tracking.html document to the OpenRecord to-do list presented using OpenRecord itself. You can also view the raw text json data file online here:

We also have a Trac database that we were using earlier for keeping track of bugs and tasks, and we still have useful info stored there. If you want to add a ticket, log in as 'guest' (password: guest).